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The required document for obtaining Visa is Invitation. The Organizing Committee is ready to provide all foreign participants with official letter of invitation. To receive official invitation letter, please, send us the additional information by e-mail as soon as possible:
• Surname, Name and Patronymic.
• Place and date of birth.
• Nationality.
• Passport number.
• Sex.
• Place of work and position.
• Сopy of a valid passport.
The Organizing Committee will prepare an official letter of invitation for you and send by e-mail within few days after receiving the information from you.


Visa Policy for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s visa policy is the list of rules and regulations that govern which travelers require a visa to enter the country and which type of Uzbekistani visa is needed for a particular visit.

Various factors affect whether or not an individual needs a visa for Uzbekistan and what type of travel authorization is required. Factors include the traveler’s nationality, the purpose of their trip, and the length of time they intend to stay in the country.

According to the visa policy of Uzbekistan, nationals of many sovereign states are able to apply online for authorization to visit the country for short periods. This comes in the form of the Uzbekistan electronic visa (eVisa) system.

Uzbekistan’s immigration policy dictates that foreign nationals who plan to relocate to Uzbekistan or stay there in the long term are required to obtain the relevant type of visa from a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate).

Citizens of some countries must also apply in-person at an embassy to obtain a short-stay tourist visa for Uzbekistan as the eVisa is not available for their nationality.

Travelers with passports issued by certain countries are permitted to visit for short periods visa-free, in accordance with the Uzbekistani visa policy. For longer stays and for visits for purposes not covered by the visa exemption policy, an Uzbekistan embassy visa will be required.

Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to Uzbekistan’s rules and regulations regarding the visas required to enter the country in different circumstances.


Tourist Visa Policy for Uzbekistan

According to the Uzbek tourist visa policy, around 180 different nationalities require a visa to visit Uzbekistan for tourism.

Foreign nationals can obtain a tourist visa for Uzbekistan in different ways depending on their country of origin.

There are 2 types of Uzbekistan tourist visa: the electronic visa (eVisa), which covers short stays for business in addition to tourism, and traditional tourist visas issued by Uzbekistani embassies abroad.

The Uzbekistan eVisa is obtained by applying online, which saves a trip to an embassy. However, citizens of some countries are ineligible for this digital visa, leaving diplomatic missions as the only place to obtain an Uzbekistani tourist visa.

The tourist eVisa for Uzbekistan permits foreign visitors to stay for a maximum of 30 days in the country. For longer stays, it will be necessary to apply for a tourist visa at an embassy.

Find more information about tourist visas for Uzbekistan for travelers of different nationalities below.

Uzbekistan eVisa

The Uzbekistan electronic visa (eVisa) is a digital visa that is applied for online rather than in person. It is designed to be a convenient way to obtain authorization to travel to Uzbekistan from any location with an internet connection, avoiding unnecessary trips to embassies or consulates.

Citizens of over 130 countries are eligible to apply for an Uzbekistan eVisa and take full advantage of the user-friendly electronic system.

Applicants must complete an Uzbekistan eVisa application form online, filling in their basic personal details, passport information, and a contact email address to receive the approved visa. They must supply supporting documents, including a passport from an eligible sovereign state.

Travelers can select either a single or multiple-entry eVisa for Uzbekistan, depending on whether they wish to enter the country once or on multiple occasions.

Visitors can spend a maximum of 30 days per visit in Uzbekistan with the eVisa. With a multiple-entry eVisa, travelers may leave the country and then return.

Once approved, the Uzbekistan eVisa is valid for 90 days. It can be used to enter the country for the purposes of leisure, tourism, and business within this time.

Consult the list below to find out which nationalities require the eVisa to visit Uzbekistan.

Visa Not Required for Uzbekistan

Nationals of certain countries may enter Uzbekistan without a visa, using only their passports.

Uzbekistan’s visa policy grants visa exemption to holders of passports issued by over 60 countries.

This exemption is only for short-term visits and does not cover certain activities, such as employment. Travelers from visa-exempt countries must still obtain a work visa to perform paid work in Uzbekistan.

The maximum length of time that foreign nationals from exempt countries can stay in Uzbekistan visa-free varies depending on their nationality.

Residents of China, for example, can stay for up to 7 days, while the majority of visa-exempt nationalities have a maximum of 30 days to spend in Uzbekistan without a visa. Certain nationalities may spend up to 60 or 90 days visa-free.

Visitors who plan to stay in Uzbekistan for a time exceeding the maximum visa-free period for their nationality should apply for the relevant visa.

See below the complete list of nationalities that enjoy visa exemption for Uzbekistan.


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